Monday, September 6, 2010

POTD: sparkles

ChinaGlaze Anklets of Amethyst and Blue Sparrow.
First of all let me tell you the camera did not pick up the purple right, it seems more reddish in the photos where as it's actually more towards a fuchsia.
Secondly the camera makes the blue look really vibrant and sparkly....which it isn't. I was actually disappointed by Blue Sparrow. In the bottle it looks very vibrant and with a lot of lighter blue sparkles, and it does look like that when it's still wet...except it goes VERY dull and the sparkles are almost invisible once it dries(I put 2 coats on).
As for Anklets, it didn't let me down at all!!! Vibrant and withe right amount of sparkles(not glitters).

*EDITED*: despite the polishes being FULL of tiny sparkles, they weren't hard to remove at all. Very pleasantly surprised!

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