Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Collection 2000 Metallic Liquid Eye Liner

(in the colour Punk, photo above)

Collection 2000 says: " Water resistant precision eye liners in a range of metallic shades. Give an edgier twist to the traditional liquid liner. Includes precision brush for easy application.".

I say... I was SO disappointed by this! I really did have high expectations for this as the colours are so vibrant and rich.
Where do I start.... The tip, yes it is very thin and precise but it picks up SO much product you end up with a very thick and unprecise line. If you try and wipe some product off the applicator then you're left with nothing really, I tried with a thin angle brush...pretty much the same result really.
So I thought I'd try it as a shadow: applied all over the lid without smuding it, with a base, it takes FOREVER to dry and eventually creases like crazy. When applied and then smudged, the vibrancy of the colour goes away and it's just a dull colour I have in one of my palettes.
The only upside is, it didn't cost me much...

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