Wednesday, November 17, 2010

TAG: my imperfections

I didn't get tagged for this -don't you know, I'm not cool!- but who cares I'll do it anyway!
The concept is: the 3 traits you like the least and the most about you.

Jeez...where do I start from? There's waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many...

- Eyes: not just because they basically make me legally blind, but aestetically because they aren't bloody straight! This should have been addressed when I was a wee baba with a simple eye training with prisms, but I guess my parents were too busy worrying about my brother's better vision. I was told by my ophtalmologist back in Italy he wouldn't be able to straighten them up but I don't know if it was because of his limited equipment(it was a pubblic hospital after all) or because my eyes are inoperable -ooooh get me and my fancy words, HA!-.
I KNOW perfectly well that by using eye make up I make them stand out even more but what's a make-up loving ghostly skinned girl to do?! Between my hair and my face I need some flipping colour amidst all this general whiteness!

- Skin: I don't like its whiteness! I don't like how hard it is to find a good colour matching foundation without breaking the bank, or a good self tanner without looking like an oompa-loompa! Not to mention how clothing wise so many shades and colours look "meeeeh" on me.
I also don't like how "difficult" sensitivity wise it is, almost everything will irritate it, and usually the more "safe" stuff is the more expensive....gggrrr
Having skin cancer when I was a teen really burned me(please excuse the pun...), and I hate how I'm now almost constantly worried when I'm in the sun.

- My hips & the top of my thighs: no matter how much weight I lose or how hard I try, they're just not going to go away. Example? Despite losing about a stone and a half in the last 10 months, because of my hips I'm still the same bloody trousers size! Talk about frustrating! I guess it's in the Mediterranean genes along with bum and boobs but JESUS can they not bugger off?! Not to mention the cellulite and the stretch marks I got when I was 14; in the space f 2 months I grew about an inch and a half in height and lost about a stone. I wasn't bothered about them back then and when I started to bother it was too late...


- Hair: it has got to be the one thing I absolutely love THEE most about my appereance. Until I was 17 it also used to bother me as much as my skin, but then I was at last allowed to experiment with my hairdresser's help. In these 9 years I think at one stage or another I've had low lights of every single colour of the rainbow! At some stage I had at the same time purple, ginger orange, browns and blondes going on and it still looked very funky! As of recently I' ve settled for more tame shades of dark and golden blonde, but I still love it all the same! I'm also quite lucky that I can get away with washing it every 4 days and it still doesn't look like I could fry chips in them, despite living in a big city.
My hair is the one thing I get complimented the most along with my skin's clarity. Strangers in the street will often compliment me on it and women will often ask where I get it bleached -the "bleached" part is all natural, Darling!-. Because it's so long and thick I often get asked where I get my extentions from....I'm still debating weither this is a compliment or not...

- My skin: the ONE thing I like about it is its clarity. Give me an HALLELUYA for whoever invented Diane!!! Yes, cleansing, exfoliating and all that help, but the pill is my ONE secret for amazing skin! I used to completely hate my skin up to my early 20s because of severe cistic acne, not only was it awful to look at, but it was also painful! My gyno had me do tests and also with an eco we found I had a reeeaaallly big problem! Thankfully for me Diane would hopefully ease it. Despite it not being an actual birth control, it also has this "side effect". Despite it being the heaviest hormones wise, I was super lucky I keep myself very active and eating the right things, so I didn't put on any weight, even though that would have been a very natural cause (it does make losing weight EXTREMELY hard though....).

- My bum/muscles: I LOVE my bum! yes it might be 1 or 2 sizes bigger than the rest of my body, but I LOVE it! it's not big at the sides, it's just nice and firm where it's supposed to be!
I know muscles may not be very lady like, but I especially love the "lines" they create on my forelegs, abs and shoulders, it shows I'm fit! Give me muscles over flab ANY day!

What about you ladies? What are your likes and dislikes? Drop me a comment or do your own blog and post a link to it.



  1. Ooooooooooh I want to do this. I am sooo jealous of your muscles. I am flabby all over. I'm not big at all, but I need to tone up *sigh*

  2. It´s me (You know me beside my name by the nickname of "Sweet lips" hihi) Sorry I haven´t opened a profile in here yet so that´s why I´m always anonymous

    I don´t like:

    -1 My bum,the reason? Its way too big,even though I have lost weight in the last 6 months there´s now way of loosing weight in there,arrrggh!
    -2 My boobs (they are too big too) If I ever have money,I want a reduction,Basically I wanna have no boobs :P
    -3 my thights...they are so huge!

    I like
    -1: My eyes,they´re green but they change the colour every season,they´re diferent with the sun or if it´s raining,ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT
    -2 My hair, I´ve been told i should cut it off but I still love it and barely cut it because it grows so slow!
    -3 My nose,haha considering the size of my family members noses...its small and nice :)