Monday, November 22, 2010

Dear scammers, yous don't fool me!

Ah scammers, you gotta love them! What I love about them? Nitpicking their emails, well the very very few that manage to make it to my inbox instead of the junk folder.

Dear scammers,
let me give you a few pointers so maybe in the future you WILL manage to scam someone?!
Here;s a short analysis of the latest email I received.

"Subject: Friend 7 5": this looks dodgy, you've lost me already. How about "Mega offer, you won't believe your eyes!!!" or something like that...
"Honorable sir or ms": what do you mean "sir or ms"?! Don't you know what sex I am?! Phrt, I'm offended!
"Our company is Large-sized China foreign trade companies." : this is so grammatically incorrect I want to cry. Why Large-sized with a capitol L?! Is it REALLY THAT large?! Other than that it doesn't make sense AT ALL: your "company" can't be "companies" as well. What? You don't know how many you run?!
"We sale cellphone, computer, TV, GPS,MP3 and Motorcycle and so on.": first off the verb is SELL, not sale. Secondly, notice how the items listed are all singular: you only have ONE tv, ONE GPS, ONE mp3 etc etc for sale?! Well ya might wanna start working on your stock guys, one item only it's really not good.....
"We have our warehouse and shopping centers.": first you don't know if you have one or multiple companies, then you tell me you have a VERY limited stock, you seriously want me to believe you have ONE warehouse and many SHOPPING CENTERS?! Nope, sorry, I'm not falling for it....
"we have very good price and credit.": price? ONE price? for all the items? they ALL cost the same? I dread to imagine an MP3 costing the same as a TV or even a byke. Credit? What's that? You give me money?! Why, thank you, I won't say no!
"We will ensure our product 100% eligible.": well they seem to love their singular...or they never learned how plural work?! Eligible?! Eligible for what?! An election? A marriage? ELIGIBLE FOR WHAT!
"Hoping we can have long-time cooperation.": cooperation?! We're not discussing a treaty here!
"E-mail: wfacai @ 188 . com)": notice how they spaced out the email so the spam filter doesn't pick it up, oh you clever grammar less scammers, you think you're clever! If you were a serious "companies" with all your "warehouse and shopping centers" you would have your own domain email and wouldn't have to rely on a BETTING website for that.

So lads, unfortunately for you, ya didn't fool me. You won't "sale" me anything and there will be no "cooperation" from me.

Thank you for reading,


  1. LMAO you gotta love those scamming emails <3

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