Thursday, November 25, 2010

NOTD: metallic berries

For this nail arti I used 17 Cosmetics nail polishes, High Gloss in Wicked and Fast Finish in Peacock.
First a quick review of the 2: they both dry really really fast, didn't really see much difference in the 2 to be honest. I LOVE both colours and how they change "hue" according to what type of light you are under. They are both REALLY opaque so one coat is enough for perfect thick coverage. For both polishes it takes a lot to chip; I had Wicked on for 7 days before it chipped very slightly. But what I love the most about them is the brush, the perfect kind of stiffness and it's got an amazing control as well...LOVE IT!!!
Would definitely recommend both colours.

(never mind the colour of my nails, I had a colour "accident" during the summer") Of course as always start with your base coat of choice. I am almost out of my one so please feel free to suggest your fave one.

Lay your base colour and make sure it's really opaque. Wait till it's completely dry

If you don't feel too confident with your painting skills or are not too sure about free hand painting, cut 5 short strips of scoch tape. First play them on your finger tips to make sure you remove most of the glue, then place it on your nails. We are going to paint one portion of the nails with the second colour, place the tape according to your own taste, if you wanna go from corner to corner or whatever.

Paint the portion of the nail and remove the tape. To jazz it up a bit I inverted the 2 colours on one finger per hand.

Next we are going to use the dotting technique. If you have a nail art dotting tool you can use that, if you don't, like me, there are titems around the house that you can use.
You can use a ball pen that you don't use any more for example. Or you could use a tooth pick or a niddle: with these 2 you can vary the size of the dot by dipping the tip in the polish and then wait til it's dry and do it again. The more you re-dip, the bigger the dots!
Then you will need a small non absorbing surfice on which you will dab a few drops of polish.
And start dotting! I chose to paint purple dots on the metallic aqua side, you can the other way around, or you can do both if you have big nails.
Apply your top coat if you wish et voila the result!

I hope you enjoyed it and let me know what you think or if you try this yourself.


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