Wednesday, August 4, 2010

July '10 favourites

products I didn't like:
L'Oreal collagen filler eye
Olay complete care daily, for sensitive skins, with SPF 15

products I LOVED:
Palmers cocoa butter with SPF 15
China Glaze Blue Hawaiian
Garnier Body tonic sugar scrub
Garnier Ultra Lift roll on for wrinkles


  1. I LOVE how your accent is Italian with a little Irish lol. I hate how I have wrinkles from squinting :( It's like give us a break, we already can't see very well, we should be wrinkle free as an apology from the people who made us ;)

  2. i HATE my's too weird LOL
    I'm telling you hun, the Garnier Ultra Lift small roll on is AMAZING!!!!!!!!! and soooo cheap compared to a lot of other wrinkles products
    you should give it a go

  3. Also, I forgot to ask, could you list your favourites under the video? Thanks chick xx

  4. On youtube the list is under it, in the info bar.
    I'll do it here as well