Tuesday, August 10, 2010

OOTD tuesday, august 10th

First of all....I know I look short and large, especially my legs, but my 6' 2" tall boyfriend took the picture so it's the perspective that makes me look like that.
Anyhow...moving on to the outfit.
The top is from the Dunnes summer collection, it was €8. I Know the colour is not very complimenting of my skin tone, but with the strap of my coloured bra showing, I think it looks a lot better. The design of the blonde girl is what made me buy the top, it's simply GORGEOUS! I love how the hair on the picture gives the illusion of my hair being longer and fuller!
The jeans were from a chinese shop back in Italy, €10. They have little hearts attached to the zip on the front and back pockets and a sequin detail on one of the back pockets.
I can't actually remember how much the pumps were, I bought them about 4 years ago for about €20, they are very good quality leather.
The bag is a Roccobarocco I bought 3 years ago for €40. I will be doing a "What's in my bag" video soon for my channel, so you can see it better.
Where I used to live in Italy there's a very good outlet about 50 miles from my home town. There is this amazing shop in there that sells designer bags for a fraction of their price: Roccobarocco, Versace, Valentino, Laura Biagiotti.
In about 3 years I've bought 3 Roccobarocco's, 2 Phard's, 1 Laura Biagiotti and each for under €50...AMAZING!
And last the shades are from a market in Italy, I think they were around €10 or so...

I hope you enjoy it !

Ciao for now,

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