Sunday, August 8, 2010

My cosmetic disadventures (part 2)

I have been meaning to write this post for a while now but for reason I haven't...
This is a follow up on my blog regarding my disadventures in Debenhams.
As promised they popped a parcel in the mail and I got it straight away.
I have to say fair play to them, even though what they sent was none of the brands I was after, they sent stuff that would have cost me A LOT to buy, and except for one, they were all proper size, not samples.
So here's what they sent with a quick review.

- Fake Bake, Bronzy Babe bronzer(full size)
This is way too dark for my normal-non-fake-tanned skin tone, however if applied under a bit of powder to soften it up, it looks REALLY good, (see photo). Because it's quite dark, on fair skin I would just use it as contour, NOT as a bronzer. I have introduced it in my make up routine for a tiny bit of contouring, I have very defined cheek bones as it is, I don't want to over enhance them.

- Elizabeth Arden, Pure finish, Mineral tinted moisturiser, with SPF 15 (full size)
- Caudalie, Tinted Moisturiser for fair to medium skin(tester size, but still a good 30 ml/1 oz)
Both way too dark to use by themselves, unless I have some fake tan going on on the rest of my body.
However the Caudalie one was very wearable with a bit of my face cream to lighten up the colour, even without fake tan all over my body. Left my skin quite soft and the smell is not too bad.
The Elizabeth Arden one smells REALLY bad, it might be the SPF or not but it's really not nice. A lot darker than the other one and to be used without an all over fake tan I had to use A LOT of my face cream to delute the colour with. Otherwise it's just pure orange in a bottle.

- Estee Lauder, Bronze Goddess Bronzing Gel
Colour wise is the same as the 2 above, closer to the Caudalie, it's lighter in colour than I had expected. It's got quite a bit of sheen to it so I am not sure I would wear all over my face. Maybe can be used as a touch of bronzer on the cheeks for a fresher look than powder bronzer. The smell is not as strong as the others.
Texture wise I didn't see much difference between this gel and the 2 tinted moisturisers.

- St Tropez, Whipped Bronze, self tanning mousse
I haven't tested this yet. I am a bit scared actually that it's just an orange nightmare on my skin. I will do a little trial on an unexposed area and will get back you guys.

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  1. Lol the st tropez really scares me too. Do tell how it goes. I spotted the mousse in boots a while ago, but chose a cheaper brand (the l'oreal that I mentioned in my blog) just because friends had said it worked for them, but I wonder if the more expensive ones would be good too. x