Sunday, March 20, 2011

Dear get a big fat ZERO

A few weeks ago I decided to try and dip my toes in the world of falsies, fake lashes to you and me.
I've always been kind of scared about trying them: what if my eyes have a mega reaction to the glue or the lashes themselves, what if they're too heavy, what if they make my small eyes look even smaller etc etc blah-de-blah...

I researched it a bit and asked for advice to the looooooooovely Liloo from "Le petit jardin de Liloo" (@tsunimee on Twitter): she is just the most lovely of bloggers and people, I ADORE her! And if you wanna know anything about falsies, she's The One to ask!
Together we picked out what I should have tried first as a beginner. I remembered from looking at their prices in shops(Boots and Debenhams) before and found them quite pricey, so I decided to go for the on-line shopping option.
I was especially happy about going for this as Debenhams Ireland have free 4-5 working days(it USED to be 3 days up until Christmas) and they had in stock the items I had picked plus a lovely inexpensive lash/brow tint. I was very excited about the lash tint as it's the only treatment I get done at a salon for obvious reasons. Although I don't get my lashes tinted religiously, the price of this item was basically the same as a one treatment in a salon, and it contains about 10 treatments: bargain!
So I placed my order and got my confirmation e-mail which at the bottom read "We'll send another email to acknowledge that we are processing your order.".

Four days passed and no sign of the parcel nor of some sort of e-mail, a whole week passed and still nothing.
Two weeks later I still hadn't received my order nor an e-mail. I decided to look into it.
I tried to track my order on the web site but when I did, it took me to their "delivery information" page. Was my order a ghost?! Inexistent?!
I tweeted Debenhams and they gave me an e-mail and a UK phone number, I asked if it was the right one for an order on Debenhams Ireland? They said it was a "Republic of Ireland orders dedicated line". Excuse me? I place an order from Ireland, to Debenhams IRELAND.....and I have to phone a UK number?! Does not make much sense to me....
I tried calling the number on the web site, the ONLY way of getting in touch with Debenhams Ireland, and they gave me the same number I had gotten on Twitter.
Seeing as I'm not particularly keen on humongous phone bills, I decided to e-mail them with the order details and everything.
Their response
Thank you for your enquiry which has now been passed to our Customer Service Team for investigation & response.
Your enquiry is important to us and the team will endeavour to reply within 3 working days.
This email is for information only please do not send a response. important that it deserves an automated e-mail...

The day after I got the following e-mail:

Thank you for your email. We can confirm that your order has been cancelled due to failing our internal security checks. If you would like to replace the order, please revisit the site and ensure all billing details are correct and/or use an alternative method of payment if possible. We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused. Should you require any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us again. Kind Regards

This e-mail contains so many issues it's not even funny:
- my order was cancelled? where was my notification e-mail?!
- I am not a millionaire, I don't own multiple cards. The one I used is the one I've used for dozens of on-line orders for the last couple of years, and it has ALWAYS worked!
- it forced me to go out and buy SOME of the items I had ordered: the lash tint is nowhere to be found in shops, and obviously as it was more expensive I only ended up buying one third of the items I had ordered on-line.
- I did not hesitate in contacting them, but do you think I got a reply?
I sent an e-mail pointing out how I never got a notification e-mail telling me my order was cancelled, and had I not contacted them, they weren't going to, and also pointed out that it would have cost a lot more to go out and buy these items from shops.
Two weeks on I am still waiting for that e-mail....



  1. Aww thank you for your kind words :) Dear me, this just doesn't make any sense, i can't understand the cancellation and that giving you an UK number is even more ludicrous. It really makes you feel a bit like a second class citizen this. pff

  2. It's the case of MANY Brit companies that do business in Ireland, unfortunately.
    Or they have shops in Ireland, but their UK websites don't offer delivery to us?! (HELLO Boots?!?! You listening?!)
    Veeeery frystrating

  3. Hi there, its @debenhamsbeauty here we are based in the UK and sent you the tweet with the Irish order number. Unfortunately in our office we are unable to look up orders for you hence passing you on to our dedicated HO online team. We are very sad to read your blog and the experience caused. If you would like to email us direct we will escalate your order and see why this was not facilated.
    We look forward to hearing from you.

    Debenhams Beauty Club

  4. Same nonsense happened me! No one in debenhams can tell mr why I failed security checks and like u I have one card that I use on a regular basis to place online orders. Joke of a company if u ask me!!!

  5. Wow, I got exactly the same email from them yesterday several days after placing an order; same wording except mine had the lovely phrase 'I am unable to provide further information', i.e. don't bother trying to find out more, just put up with it.

    If Debenhams goes under it will be their own fault, what atrocious customer service.