Saturday, March 5, 2011

My boots search is over

This past few months my tootsies have NOT been happy! Why? Because they were brutally separated from my 2 most loved pairs of boots!
You can see one of them here

The other pair was similar, in suede as well(I LOVE suede!), with a wedge, but black.
And then because I've lived in them for four years and I've lost a considerable amount of weight, they didn't fit anymore, I needed about 4 pairs of socks to wear them.
So since September I have been on the look out for a replacement...but with no luck! They would be ankle boots, or the decor would be a bit too OTT, or they didn't have my size, or they were over €50...
Until now!!!!
Yesterday I went for a walk and wondered into Debenhams for a look around, I usually never buy anything there because of their prices, and there they were.....a pair of boots that went closest to what I was looking for!!!
And then dilemma creeped I get them in black or in brown?! I pondered over it and this morning I went in and got them!!!
Their initial price was €75, reduced to €55 and I took advantage of the 3 day 25%, so they came in at €44 !
And here they are...

If they'd had a dark/black wedge it would have been amazing but hey, nothing is ever perfect, is it?!
I simply love them!!!

Do you like them?



  1. Great boots! And you look fab on that picture :)

  2. thank you!!!
    That was about a year and a half ago.
    Me and my uncle went on a collective charity ride to Rome. I love motorbikes but unfortunately I can't drive them :-(

  3. Bargain! I hate the whole boots thing. I buy them and wear them to death for years and because they can no longer be saved, I chuck them (because they let in water!) and then can't find any to substitute them.

  4. See, you know what i mean!!!
    I love my boots and pick them VERY carefully!