Sunday, March 20, 2011

Roc Calmance Soothing Moisturiser

Redness calming/erasing products is one of the kinds of products I get asked about the most on YouTube, here, Twitter and e-mails.
This is my second attempt at calmin moisturiser, you can read about the first here.

First of what is so cool about this is that it's NOT GREEN!!
This RoC product really does its job of reducing redness, I LOVE IT! However it doesn't do that if you're spending most of your day outdoors, after 10 hours redness will sstart to show. But that's totally ok to me, I can re-apply if necessary.
So the getting rid of redness side gets the thumbs up.
As for the moisturising side of it I am 50/50, only because I have dry skin. Other people with less dry skin say it's totally fine as a moisturiser. Personally I have to add a bit of my face cream to it to get some nice moisturising.
I have been using this for 3 weeks and when I don't use it, the reduction of redness is noticeable, although not greatly.
When I first apply it I definitely feel the soothing sensation, my face feels cool and soothed.
The fragrance is fresh and doesn't bother me, although it is easily covered if you're using perfume, hairspray or foundation.
Unfortunately I can't give you a retail price as I bought mine off Amazon UK for about €10, but I'm pretty sure there's a chemist near you that sells RoC...or do like me and buy it on-line.
This gets the complete thumbs up from me !!!

Let me know if you've tried this before or if you are going to and what do you think.


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