Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A little randomness provided by the lovely Lisa

1.) Mood: frustrated/stressed

2.) What is your favorite flower?: blue roses, colourful gerbera daisies and sun flowers

3.) What sound is the alarm you wake up to in the morning?: usually The Script "the man who can't be moved" or Westlife "us against the world" as I NEED to wake up gently or I'll be tired and grumpy all day long

4.) Current nail polish: see here

5.) Would you rather have a huge closet or a spacious bathroom (implying that the other would be tiny)? a HUGE closet!! I do like a nice big airy bathroom but I now got used to this
A few months ago we painted the whole apartment and this is now a much nicer deeper baby blue. My bedroom is basically a prison cell. I can only have seasonal clothes in the wardrobe or packed in the chest of drawers, the rest is in a suitcase on top of the wardrobe. Most of the clothes are in the drawers so I can never have EVERYTHING in front of me, and in the wardrobe each hanger has 2 or 3 items on it.

6.) If you could relive one year of your life, which would it be?: either 1998 or 2002. In 1998 I went from middle to high school with the best of grades, and during the summer I had the most amazing of experiences! Aged 14 I went for 3 weeks to Germany on an exchange/work experience type of holiday. A group of about 70 kids aged 14-18 from different European Countries "shoved" in a gorgeous youth hostel in the lovely city of Aalen. We were taken on daily sports activity, trips to Munich and other places, and in return we helped at the hostel: cleaning, washing the dishes, setting and clearing tables for meals etc etc. I was one of the few 14 year olds, the youngest in the Italian group, the only one who couldn't speak a word of German.....but in those 3 weeks I was SO happy and healthy that I grew about 6 cms in height and lost about 8kilos!
As for 2002 it was a pretty big year as well: I came into the year fighting skin cancer(you can read about it here) , I turned 18 in January which to me meant freedom of travelling with friends, going to gigs and generally having chances to have fun. In April came my first visit to the UK: the big smoke of London! I went with a group of people from the languages school I was studying English at. I felt great because I paid for it, the whole of it with my own money! London was a BIG shock to me! I'd visited other European Capitals before but London was different, I felt my brain go on over load pretty much every 5 minutes!
Then in the summer I realised the dream of a life time: my first EVER trip to Ireland! I came over with a friend of mine and for 10 days we travelled on coaches, slept in hostels and had a complete ball! Again it felt so great because it was my present to myself for turning 18, working hard for 2 summers for it and overcoming cancer the previous winter.

7.) Current outfit: purple track suit bottoms and a black long sleeve Tinkerbell top

8.) What was your favorite Halloween costume as a kid?: Halloween wasn't popular in Italy when I was a kid so I never got to dress up. However Carnival in February in Italy is probably bigger than Halloween in the States. I've had SO many costumes, all made and designed by me and my grandma. My faves were Pocahontas, A Star and Peter Pan.

9.) Have you ever been able to talk your way out of a speeding ticket?: I wish I could actually get the chance to get a speeding ticket?! Unofortunately my eye sight does not allow me to drive. *sad face* which is a big shame and cause of frustration because I am a complete petrol head weither it's cars or motorbikes.

10.) Weekly goals: get a job, try not to die of boredome when I go visit my boyfriend's parents at the weekend


  1. Very cute!!! Love how you posted the little bathroom!! Hope you don't die of boredom this weekend either LOL

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