Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Nervous? Me? Gerrout!


Well...ok, I will admit that I'm absolutely BRICKING it!

I don't think I've explained this well to many people, just the few friends I've met face to face. And I have been getting a few questions on Twitter, so I thought I'd better explain it further and give a reason why there will be no blog posts from me for the next 10 days or so.

On friday evening I will be boarding a flight to Florence. But! I'm not going on holiday, I'm gonna do a job.
When I think about it, it actually sounds very jet set: "oohhh I'm flying to Florence for a job!"....
Basically I will be modelling for the first catwalk show if a young American designer.
I am absolutely bricking it! I know I will stand out because I'm not a pro, I'm not anorexic and I'm very short for models standards. And let's be honest, my walk is hardly cat walk worthy (at least I think...).
Plus this is going to be the designer's first collection and show, her future pretty much depends on it....and I might screw it all up, and then I wouldn't be able to live with myself...

The actual shows, one in the afternoon and one in the evening, are next tuesday but I have to go early because we have to do the fitting, rehearsals and everything.

I will be definitely taking A TON of photos to post on my Stalkbook personal account, and maybe post a few on here(providing Blogger will let me, unlike today)(. However I'm still debating whether to actually blog about the whole thing or not.

For sure it's going to be an interesting and different experience and will give me the chance to see a different side of one of my passions! ...(minus the over 25 degrees temperatures, eurgh!).

For my Irish readers, I hope you'll all enjoy your June bank holiday! Apparently it's going to be a scorching one!

Take care,

P.S.: unfortunately Blogger hasn't fixed the bug problem yet, wich is why my blog looks very sad and unpopular with no comments. HOPEFULLY they'll be able to fix it very soon.
Thank you to everyone who has tried in other ways to let me know what they think about the various posts. It's MUCH appreciated!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

technical problems

I've been made aware of the fact that there has been some problems with leaving comments on the blog, and I too have been experiencing technical difficulties posting, adminíng etc.
Apparently it's a bug Blogger is working on, so hopefully they'll fix it soon.

Thank you for your patience


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tag: 8 things

I saw this on The Brunette Diaries

All of these are in no particular order.

8 TV shows I watch...

1: The Big Bang Theory
2. Glee
3. House
4. Discovery's Monsters inside me
5. The Mythbusters
6. The republic of telly
7. Extreme engineering
8. those shows about moving/finding/renovating/refurbíng houses

8 Favourite places to eat... (I don't really eat out that often here in Dublin, too expensive)

1. Boca Barranca: pizzeria on the beach back home in Italy
2. La madia(amazing restaurant back home)
3. The Church
4. The Porterhouse, the one in Temple Bar
5. Ristorante "Al Parco", back home
6. The Osborne Brasserie (at the Portmarnock Hotel & Golf links. Been once but REALLY liked itt)
7. O'Shea's (good value for money although lately their quality has slipped big time)
8. my own kitchen :-p

8 Things I look forward to...

1: The Script gig at The Aviva in early July
2: this fashion show I'm modelling for in Florence in 10 days(although I'm REALLY really nervous)
3: Getting a new job
4. being happy
5. ...that is all

8 Things on my wish list

1: average vision (is it not called the WISH list? doesn't say anything about "the impossible"list...)
2: a job
3: happiness
4: a new place to stay
5: a garden
6: different skin
7: dental surgery
8: more self confidence

8 Things I'm passionate about...

1: people
2: technology
3: science
4: fashion
5: reading
6: beauty
7: thee outdoors
8: food

8 Words or phrases I use a lot...
...I really couldn't do this one, couldn't think of anything?!

8 Things I've learnt from the past

1: Don't trust too many people
2: always use sun cream
3: no matter how hard I try, I will never reach my goals
4: most people are only out for themselves
5: when in Ireland, always carry an umbrella
6: when in Italy, always carry sunglasses
7: your family doesn't love/support you no matter what
8: never ask for prices in Brown Thomas, unless you wanna be treated nicely

8 Places I would love to visit...

1: Canada
2: Sweden
3: Finland
4: Norway
5: San Francisco
6: Niagara falls
7: Anfield
8: I've visited anywhere else I've ever wanted to see

8 Things I want or need...

1: a job
2: a different set of eyes
3: not having to worry about my health
4: my own house
5: a different family
6: a millionaire boyfriend
7: a haircut(triple ends are not good)
8: a proper holiday

8 Things I love about winter...

1: SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2: the bitterly cold weather
3: snuggly clothes
4: Christmas decorations
5: the fact I don't feel like I SHOULD be perma-tanned
6: Christmas Markets
7: Christmassy food
8: SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8 Bloggers I'm tagging...
1. Le Petit Jardin de Liloo
2. Chic Beauty Blog
3. Sarah's Vanity
4. Big Fashionista
5. Loulouheartsmakeup
6. Ash Lilly's Lacquer Lust
7. Cinnamonalicious
8. Behind green eyes

I welcome everyone to do it, please leave a comment below with the link.
Have a nice weekend everyone!

Witch Skincare overview, part 2

Following from part 1.

Blemish Stick £3.16
Dabbed on blemishes as often as required, possibly as soon as they appear, you feel a slight sting but it means it's doing its job straight away, fighting and neutralising bacteria responsible for blemishes. A life saviour if you have blemishes prone skin. If I can find it any faults would be for the company to come up with a system to roll the stick up or down, instead of having to push on it with the cap to make it go down.
But other than that it's a great product!

Blemish Pen £5.10
Similar to the stick, but with a more targeting applicator, a very handy little brush, this gel is a handbag essential for break outs prone skins.
It won silver as Best New Skincare in the 2010 Pure Beauty Awards.

Exfoliating Face Wash £4.07
Probably one of the best exfoliators I've ever tried. It deeply exfoliates and cleanses without making my face red raw or smelling horridly, the granules in it gradually break down without scratching your skin. Skin is ready to be moisturised without having to wait for it to calm down. It's so good and gentle that my boyfriend has started stealing it from me(he thinks I haven't noticed, yeah right!).

Cleansing Wipes 25 £3.05
I am absolutely and completely in LOVE with these wipes!!!!
I absolutely love how they leave my skin so fresh, clean and absolutely soft, with no residue of cleansing product whatsoever!
AND!!!!! They didn't irritate my sensitive eyes AT ALL!

Concealer Stick £5.10
Unfortunately this turned out to be too dark for my skin tone. Ouch :-(

If you have any questions about my experience with this brand please don't hesitate to get in touch, and remember their website www.witchskincare.com

Chavvy Cole doesn't "get"it, no kidding Batman!

"I've seen a few funny sights. I can't quite get over everyone having the same nose because I think it is the unique things about you that make you beautiful. I'm not judging but unless something really gets you down it's best not to mess with nature."
Says her with fake eye lashes, tons of make up, a permanent tangoed look, hair extentions, etc etc

No need to wreck your little Geordie head anymore now Cheryl, apparently you've been sacked from your big bucks Yank job.

What do you guys think? Are you pro or con plastic surgery?

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Witch Skincare overview, part 1

I was meant to type up this overview ages ago but something else and life in general ALWAYS got in the way.
But! I'm doing it now, so...

I won these on one of my fave blogs the lovely and gorgeous Stina's Chic Beauty Blog, go check her out and subscribe if you can. In the bitchy(for the bigger part) world of beauty blogging she is just a breath of fresh air! She doesn't mind talking to/helping less popular bloggers and is always the nicest.
Before I go ahead I would like to send Witch skincare PR Holly a massive Thank You, companies with nice PRs are SO under rated these days!!

Please remember this post reflects MY experience with these products and what might have not worked for me, could work MASSIVELY for you.

Witch hazel is a natural ingredient that naturally cleanses, tones and soothes, leaving your skin perfectly balanced, soft and healthy looking.
Witch products are suitable for most skin types, but it’s on oily or combination skin that the power of witch hazel can prove particularly effective.

You can find Witch Skincare in the UK & Ireland in Tesco, Boots and Superdrug and local chemists. It is also to be launched in Australia.
For more information you can check out their web site: www.witchskincare.com

Anti-blemish Skin Clearing Primer, 30ml RRP £6.99

It's a REALLY good primer and it does the job of many other primers that come at higher prices, with the added bonus of preventing blemishes too. Skin tone is evened out and those pesky pores appear smaller and smoother. You only really need a small amount so one bottle will go a LONG way! Stays on all day, your foundation will still look fresh and pristine when you remove as when you first apply it.

Anti-blemish Redness Relief Moisturiser, 30ml RRP £6.99
This is a green based anti-redness product which would have usually seen me run a mile, as they all are too tinted for my skin tone. Yeah they combat the redness, but they also make me look like a ruddy mutant!
This one however didn't, which REALLY positively surprised me, clearly you need to be careful and not use too much, but otherwise the green tint really does disappear upon application. Unlike other anti-redness products, when applied on red areas it doesn't sting or feel overly cooling, but just pleasing, you feel like giving out a sigh or relief...and you do when you check your face and see no pink/red areas.
It's incredibly light and it almost has the texture of a gel, it is that light. Your skin is left soft and smooth.
I will definitely purchase it after this one runs out.
Both thumbs are up for this one!!

Anti-blemish Pressed Powder - Translucent, 10g £4.99
This one will be particularly good for oily or combination skins, it absorbs excess oils and leaves you shine free. I wouldn't personally recommend it if you have dry skin as it will make it slightly more dry and ashy.
It gives a light to medium coverage and goes very well with really pale skin tones as it's not too yellow, orange or pink.

Anti-blemish Tinted moisturiser - Light, Medium Or Dark, 30ml £5.99
I didn't have much hope in this as generally tinted moisturisers are too dark for me, and unfortunately this was one of them. My redhead friend tried it and unfortunately it was too orangey for her as well.

Stay tuned for part 2

Monday, May 23, 2011

Dining at "L'Officina", Kildare Outlet Village

Where I used to live in Italy, in about a half an hour drive I was able to get to one pretty amazing outlet village which I still visit on my flying stays. It was the source of all my designer bags(like my €40 Rocco Barocco I would guard with my life!) and some other amazing pieces(Florence leather top quality jacket for €50 anyone?!).
So I thought it was about time I checked out the nearby outlet in Kildare and see what all the hype was about. Well, I wasn't OVERLY impressed to be honest. A very selected few good shops with VERY good prices, and some that had very dubious outlet prices...
What did I buy? I ALMOST bought a gorgeous Coast summer dress and a CK shoulder bag for €80...but my stupid conscience kicked in and came back empty handed.... *sigh*

HOWEVER I got very excited when I noticed inside the village there was an Italian restaurant, and by the look of the menu it sounded like a PROPER good one. The name "L''Officina"(the work shop in Italian) was kind of intriguing, I thought "hmmm....I wonder what they experiment with?!", so I decided we should give it a go. I usually try to stay well away from Italian eateries abroad as most of the time it's pretentious fake Italian, and it's NEVER cooked the way it should.

The first thing that did NOT impress me was the lack of table clothes, there were just simple thick cotton like table mats, and paper napkins: alarm bells started to ring in my head....

My boyfriend was with me so we went for tap water, however I felt I had to treat myself with some nice wine, given the lack of places in town where to buy PROPER Italian wine.
I wouldn't normally go for dry white wines but in the end I went for a glass of Vernaccia of San Gimignano: it's quite neutral and it didn't really go with what I ordered, but when I drink this, the first wine ever in Italy to get the DOC stamp, it takes me back to all my trips to Tuscany and feasting on amazing food and wines.
Well the wine was the right one, but it was served way too warm, big BIG no with white wine.

For starter we shared 3 pieces of (according to the menu) bruschetta with tomatoes and basil. This was NOT right!!! The tomatoes were stale and soggy, and for a proper bruschetta they MUST be fresh and plum, and mixed in there were big chunks of garlic. A bruschetta should give you a FAINT taste of garlic as it's(normally) rubbed on the bread before pouring the oil, you shouldn't have to chew on the garlic itself mixed with the topping.
The bread was too thin and not roasted enough to call this a proper bruschetta.
All in all this got a 4/10 from me.

For my main I went for the pasta of the day, described as gnocchi with peas, Parma ham and a creamy sauce". For those of you who know what gnocchi are, basically they are small dumplings made usually from potatoes or bread crumbs and flour which we eat as an alternative to pasta.
I'm not 100% certain these were actually fresh, if they were, they want to change their pasta chef or their supplier because they were VERY dry and hard.
Next let's talk about the @cheating@ condiments: the peas were NOT fresh, they looked ALMOST yellow and some of them had not been defrosted properly and were still a bit hard. As for the Parma ham that was NOT Parma ham, you do NOT fool me!!! First of that was COOKED ham, overcooked too, NOT soft delicious nutty Parma ham!!!
And how about the sauce? There was probably half a spoon of it on the bottom and it was either from the day before or had been TO reduced.
When I pay TWELVE euros for a plate of pasta I do NOT want to be served this and do NOT want to be cheated on ingredients.

I was not happy at all with this place, but I guess it'll do for anyone who doesn't know what the real dishes are meant to be, after all it was pretty much full to capacity the whole time we were there....

NEVER again as far as I'm concerned, I cook far nicer Italian than this!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sunny FOTD

Maybelline Volume Express The Colossal Waterproof mascara
Maybelline Volum Express The Falsies black drama Waterproof Mascara
Maybelline Kohl Express eyeliner in brown ( I am ABSOLUTELY in love with this liner, it's uuuunnnnbelievable!!!)
ELF quad in the colour Butternut (the 2 darkest shades)
NYC white shadow on the brow
and as usual lately, the lemony goldy shade from the Sleek Original palette

Essence lipstick in 01 Frosted
Revlon super lustrous lipgloss with spf15 in Nude Lustre

Monday, May 16, 2011

Tag: A-Z of me

Age: 27, although I kind of like to think I don't look it
Bed Size: a single that is actually smaller than a regular one...
Chore you Hate: ironing and cleaning the grill
Dogs: they absolutely scare the living daylight out of me! I was attacked by one when I was a wee baba so now even the smallest of them absolutely terrifies me.
Essential start of your day: breakfast!
Favourite Colour: baby blue....can you tell?!
Gold or Silver: silver all the way! Because of my neutral under tone, I would be able to carry them both off, but I just don't like the look of gold on me...
Height: I should be around the 5' 6 1/2", but I'm not 100% certain
Instruments I play: I was a self learner of piano and guitar until I was 14
Job Title: I'm officially a translator but I have done/would do pretty much any kind of job to pay the bills, this is no time to be picky or ambitious
Kids: none at the moment. I don't really think about having any to be honest, although many reckon I would be a brilliant mother....
Live: at the moment in Dublin, Ireland. Before I used to live in Italy
Mum's name: nickname Lella
Nickname: oh dear, I have faaaar too many! Pretty much anyone I know gives me a different one! At the moment the most used are: Lil, Ms Fairy, Bell and Blondie(which I hate!).
Pet Peeve: fakeness in people, back stabbers, small lifts, the darkness
Quote from a movie: "If my calculations are correct, when this baby hits eighty-eight miles per hour... you're gonna see some serious shit."
Right or left handed: Right
Siblings: 1 older brother
Time you wake up: at the moment it varies, that is when I actually manage to catch some sleep.
Underwear: yes, I do have some on, thank you
Vegetables you dislike: cooked spinach
What makes you run late: public transport
X-rays you've had done: too many....I was a very active kid, although I never broke anything: super strong bones from years of gallons of milk.
Yummy food you make: I have to say pretty much everything I cook/bake is yummy?! The one thing I never managed to get quite right was scones, but that's ok, I'm over them now.
Zoo animal: I don't like zoos, they make me sad

I tag everyone to do it, and if you do so, please leave a comment with the link :-)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

the week in brief

- back from a hell-ish week at home
- more job "rejections". I find it SO annoying seeing companies trying to find pathetic excuses to turn me down, just because they legally can't say "sorry, we don't like to employ half blind people". Frustrating beyond belief
- loads of running/exercising, don't really have much to do, so... Absolutely loving the shape I'm in at the moment. Although my thighs are giving me a REALLY hard time trying to shift...gggrrr
- I've been indulging more than usual in my cereal & nut love, be it picking at the breakfast box as a snack, bars, cereal, love love love! And so much more healthy than choccy!
- pretty much half of north Dublin buses routes have been diverted to my street, at all hours of the day and night, for the up-coming Queen and Obama visits. Today, Sunday, they woke me up at 7. NOT happy. I don't even care about the Queen!!! Not to mention the choppers flying over our heads every so often. Meh
- Friday I went along to a charity pub quiz, I'd never been to a pub quiz before! I only knew the guy that organised it, but I got along with everyone and had such a laugh! I also managed to get on the DART on my own, result!
- Eurovision fun and winning a few bob for betting on the winning song, I know a tune when I hear one. And amazingly, after being out of the competition for ages, Italy came back and did SO well! Love the song!

.....sorry Ireland, but Europe just don't get Jedward...

Thursday, May 12, 2011

my going away beauty bag

The whole flying back and forth to Ireland for about 2 years has taught me to pack light and the essentials.
This was my beauty bag for the 10 days I was away and it's usually not very different to this.

The body shop seaweed mattifying face lotion with SPF 15: my current face cream for the summer. I like it A LOT because it's light and non-greasy, what I need for the warmer months. I also like the smell a lot, when I apply it I close my eyes and the fragrance takes me to a nice exotic beach, the seaweed smell is quite strong.
TRESemme extra hold hairspray: I only use it for my bangs which lately have become very rebel and need extra help to stay in place. Plus I was staying at the beach cabin with almost constant sea breeze, so...
VO5 heat defence taming spray: back home is VERY humid so I need this before straightening my hair, plus it makes it very soft and smell very nice
random alcohol free deodorant(we all use/need it...).
Lacura eye cream for all skin types: current (and future) super cheap(€2) but super amazing eye cream.
Adidas fruity rhythm: love love love this perfume!!!!

The only things missing are my sun creams and after sun that were already at the cabin, I don't need them here in Ireland so I left them there(it saves room in the suitcase too!).
So here goes, essential and light.
What do you pack in your beauty bag when you go away?

Essence nail fashion stickers

While at home I hit a shop that I know has the big Essence display, not the half one that are around Dublin, because I had seen these babies and was curious to try them.
This was the only design that grabbed me to be honest, the others are a bit too tacky.
They're VERY easy to apply, just like stickers!
However if you don't have perfectly flat nails, they will not stick to your tips and remain raised, no matter how hard you try to flatten them. That obviusly leads to the stickers being extremely prone to chipping. These photos were taken less than 24 hours after the application, some of them had completely peeled off as well.
Maybe it was my mistake not applying a top coat(I didn't have one with me), but I think it was a pretty bad result for just after 24 hours. Having said that, after that there was no more chipping and lasted until I peeled them off.
Maybe next time I will try with a top coat....

Dancing love

I don't really have much to say in this post other than I absolutely LOVE the make-up in this ad!
Can't speak about the perfume, could never afford it.

POTD: sparkly sorbet

(without flash, outdoors)

For a while now I had been looking around for a gorgeous lemony (inexpensive) nail polish but the only one that fit the bill was Models Own Yellow Meringue which at around €8 is not in my budget range.
And then before I left for Italy I found this little beauty: 17 cosmetics polish in Sherbert Lemon and at about €3 I couldn't not pick it!
I have to be honest, the polish application was a bit of a nightmare. This was after 2 or 3 coats(depending on the finger), the brush is pretty bad with very little control and a mind of its own. It took me llonger than usual to apply it. However! I like the colour SO much that I actually don't care?!
I was sceptic about trying such a fair colour against my skin, but it turned out super beautiful and it actually somehow made my hands look tanned?! Man, I LOVE optical illusions !!!

The above photo was taken the day after the application and I have to say I spent a long time the evening before admiring the colour(so sue me!).
The night before I left though I thought I'd jazz it up with something and this is the result:
I used China Glaze Blue Hawaiian for the tips. This photo was actually 2 days after I left, the bit of tip wear is not due to the tellow polish but the fact I'd done loads of manual work that day at my friends' who hosted us in their country house for 2 days of BBQ's, wine and lots of people around.
I liked this look but I kinda felt like the colour and sparkles took away from the gorgeous yellow.

Do you lot like it?

Honey, I'm back!

Hello lovelies,
how are you all? I hope you're doing fine and keeping the fabness up :-)

I got back from Italy on Sunday afternoon, but then I've been busy with a little job and the season wardrobe swap. Y'see my room is so small with so little furniture that I can't always keep all my clothes out at the same time, so now winter apparel is stored in a suitcase. Hence why I haven't been able to blog yet.

First of, the main reason why I flew over was my yearly hospital tests to check my cancer hasn't got back or others have decided to join the party. Let me reassure you that they all turned out perfect, so perfect in fact that doctors said my body is "stuck" in my teen age. The dermatologist has complimented me on the great care I take of my skin, especially protecting in from the Sun(well... Dear Doctor, I kind of don't fancy another chunk of my body surgically removed, thank you very much).
Unfortunately, but not to my surprise, there was something wrong. "Apparently" I'm REALLY stressed: my stress hormone levels are through the roof and consequently my liver is slightly swollen. Well you would be worried/stressed too had you been unemploied for over a year and relied solely on savings to survive, not knowing when it's going to end, wouldn't ya?!
Big bugger there.....

It wasn't an actual holiday what with my mother constantly bugging me and discussing my and Ireland's current economic situation with family friends pretty much on a daily basis.

I spoiled myself a little while I was away, I plan to do a video showing you the things I got, as usual it'll end up here as well. You will also see a couple of reviews from it as well.
If anyone is interested in seeing some photos I will provide you with a link to the album on Facebook.

Cannes, Can, Can't

A little gallery of what I think so far of some of the outfits...

Angelina Jolie
I'm not usually a massive fan of her style but I have to be honest and admit she got this photo call absolutely right! Perfect colour choice, simple and elegant design with a little belt. I usually don't like her make up much, but this toned down version makes her look a lot younger. Why don't you do this more often Ange?

Rachel McAdams #1
A Marchesa is a Marchesa, but I'm not sure the design of the dress did Rachel much justice. I'm all for red on fair skin tones, VERY dramatic, but I don't think the balance between design and see through was right. Can't fault hair and make up though, a classy look that's always en vogue.

Uma Thurman in Versace
A vision in crispy fringy white. Adore the pops of aqua marine, perfect hair and make up .

Salma Hayek #1
Absolutely PERFECT!!

Karolina Kurkova
Absolutely GORGEOUS dress, amazing colour, great detailing and love the little "different" shoulder look. Not to impressed with the hair do, it ages her a little too much.

eeerrr........no comment....

Rachel McAdams /2
Only 2 details I'm not completely sure about: the colour of the shoes and the detail on the hips. Everything else is impeccable, hair and make up included, very day time appropriate.

Salma Hayek #2 in Gucci
I have to be honest I absolutely ADORE her as an actress and as a woman. However I'm not entirely sold by this Gucci number. Fair enough it was a day event but...leather? Really?! I don't like the skirt stifness, especially the way the hem looks, mind you I do like the bodice part of it, the way it's cut and the way it hugs are gorgeous curves. I also like the little pop of colour around the waist. The shoes are the wrong shade of orange(or was it meant to be red?!). And don't get me started on that thing on her shoulders, it's very "Edward scissor hands" gone wrong....
Absolutely LOVE the hair and make up though!! Gorgeous and classy as ever.

What's your verdict?